The Secret Service Just FLIPPED and Joe Biden Is Nervous About What Happened Next

More shoes keep dropping in the scandal of Joe Biden stealing classified documents.

There is one damaging revelation after another.

And the Secret Service just flipped and Joe Biden is nervous about what happened next.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Joe Biden stored stolen classified documents in a box in his garage and in the personal library of his Delaware home for the last six years.

Records showed Hunter Biden had access to this home during a time when he was making millions in a business deal with associates linked to Communist Chinese intelligence.

In response, Republicans on the House Oversight Committee demanded the visitor logs for Biden’s Delaware home.

The White House claimed no such logs exist as the Secret Service does not keep detailed records of who visited a private residence.

However the Secret Service does have the records of individual agents vetted to enter the Biden residence.

“The Secret Service does not maintain visitor logs at the private residences of protectees,” U.S. Secret Service Chief of Communications Anthony Guglielmi explained. “While the Secret Service does generate law enforcement and criminal justice information records for various individuals who may come into contact with Secret Service protected sites, we are not able to comment further as this speaks to the means and methods of our protective operations.”

And the Secret Service says it will turn those records over to Congress should Republicans ask.

Fox News reports:

The U.S. Secret Service is prepared to offer names of individuals who visited President Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home if requested by Congress, Fox News has learned.

The White House continues to insist that there exists no formal visitor log for the personal residence where two troves of classified documents were found.

While the White House has not kept a formal list, the Secret Service does collect information on guests with regular access to the home.

Retention of the names of those vetted by the Secret Service depends on a variety of factors, including proximity to the president and the nature of the background check.

Author Chris Whipple’s new book “The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House” revealed that Joe Biden does not trust the Secret Service.

Biden believes his detail is filled with Trump supporters looking to undermine him at every turn.

That paranoid delusion is absurd.

The Secret Service is filled with professionals willing to lay their lives on the line for the president no matter who they are or what party they belong to.

But the Secret Service will follow the law.

And agents will not cover up for Joe Biden if the Bidens allowed business associates with ties to Communist China’s intelligence service to roam around a house storing classified documents.

Biden will now have to deal with the fact that the attempt to cover up these stolen documents and who had access to them ended.

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