The FBI is Sitting On the Smoking Gun That Will Wreck Joe Biden

Hunter Biden’s laptop and foreign business deals are a never-ending source of scandal.

The Deep State knows the truth.

And the FBI is sitting on the smoking gun that will wreck Joe Biden.

As Great American Daily reports:

Top Hunter Biden confidant and moneyman Eric Schwerin will cooperate with Republicans on the House Oversight Committee in their investigation into if Communist China compromised Joe Biden through millions of dollars in payments to business ventures linked to Biden.

Breitbart News reports:

Hunter Biden’s top financial lieutenant Eric Schwerin is expected to “soon” provide documents to the House Oversight Committee’s investigation of the Biden family for nine violations, including money laundering and wire fraud, a spokesperson for the committee told Breitbart News.

Schwerin, who shared bank accounts with President Joe Biden and dubbed the family’s “moneyman,” also maintained guest lists for White House functions and negotiated the settlement with Hunter’s first wife, Kathleen. Emails from Hunter’s laptop show Schwerin was deeply embedded in Hunter’s personal life and the Biden family networks for nearly two decades and is even pictured at campaign events with Joe Biden.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer explained that this investigation is of the utmost concern due to the fact that the Biden family amassed massive wealth through deals with companies in countries like Communist China despite not possessing any marketable skills or assets.

Why would companies in Communist China want to pay the Biden family millions other than for access is the question Comer and other Republicans keep asking.

“What is the Biden family business? They don’t have any assets,” Comer declared. “They don’t manufacture anything. They don’t sell anything. Yet they receive millions from around the globe.”

Schwerin was the president of Rosemont Seneca Partners, an investment fund started by Hunter Biden.

Rosemont Seneca Partners struck business deals in Ukraine, Russia, and Romania, along with Communist China.

Schwerin’s agreement to cooperate with the committee came on the day of a deadline to turn over documents or face a congressional subpoena.

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s brother, James, did not comply.

Now committee Republicans are faced with the monumental decision of subpoenaing the president’s brother and son.

The GOP majority is likely to take that step.

But the documents Schwerin turns over could provide a smoking gun or at least a road map for further lines of inquiry.

Schwerin visited the White House or other official properties 27 times during Joe Biden’s term as vice president.

These visits could provide more clues as to Joe Biden’s knowledge of business deals in Communist China and what information the Chinese have on Biden and his family.

And it could also help explain why James and Hunter Biden are refusing to cooperate with the committee.

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