The Media Spreads Bizarre Conspiracy Theories About Melania Trump

Photo by The Trump White House Archived, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Melania Trump’s performance as First Lady drove the media crazy.

That’s because Melania Trump is a very private person.

And Melania Trump vanished, and the real reason will make your heart sink.

Melania Trump wasn’t present for the Trump family Christmas photo at Mar-a-Lago.

That set off a round of speculation in the media and among rival campaigns that there was a division in the Trump family and that Melania didn’t support her husband’s run for re-election.

“Melania Trump missing from festive family Christmas photo at Mar-a-Lago,” a New York

Post headline read.

But this was just a fresh set of media lies.

Melania Trump wasn’t leaving Donald Trump, hoping he ends up in prison or refusing to participate in the 2024 campaign.

Rather, Melania Trump was with her mother, who is in poor health.

“Melania has always been very devoted to her entire family,” a source with knowledge of Melania Trump’s whereabouts told Fox News. “It should be no surprise that she spent this Christmas with her ailing mother.”

Melania Trump is a family-first woman who never much cared about the political lifestyle.

When Melania Trump served as first lady, she would spend her time making sure the couple’s teenage son Barron had a full-time mother as opposed to participating in the normal ceremonial and political jobs Washington expects the first lady to perform.

Melania Trump’s withdrawn lifestyle even led to ugly rumors.

When Melania Trump spent several weeks out of public view some in the media claimed she was in hiding to conceal the fact that Donald Trump beat her in a fit of rage.

It soon came out that Melania Trump was recovering from surgery.

The media, Democrats and Never Trumpers want to sow discord in the Trump family.

Anything to feed the perception that Trump is an agent of chaos.

Democrats, journalists and Never Trumpers want the public to think that if Trump’s own wife wants nothing to do with him, why should the public vote him back into office?

The “Melania Trump goes missing” story floating around the press was another example of the press spreading disinformation about Trump for political gain.