Transgender NFL cheerleader does the unthinkable

Photo by James Willamor via (CC BY-SA 2.0) on Flickr

Cheerleaders and football go hand-in-hand.

But now it’s a political controversy.

And this NFL cheerleader did the one thing that will have fans shaking their heads.

Fall means it’s football season.

After the Colin Kaepernick anti-American protest debacle and the Black Lives Matter fiasco, fans were hoping the new season meant the NFL could stick to sports and leave politics behind.

That wish was not to be.

The Carolina Panthers were among the worst teams in the NFL in the 2022 season as evidenced by the fact that the team picked number one in last spring’s draft.

But rather than focus on the product on the field and the development of top draft pick and former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Bryce Young the team is under fire for caving to the woke mob.

Last year the Panthers added the first ever transgender cheerleader to their “TopCats” dance team.

Justine Lindsay is a biological male who transitioned to pretending to be a woman at the age of 17.

When fans found out that a biological male stole a spot on a dance team normally reserved for women, outrage erupted.

The Panthers went woke and defended the idea of allowing biological men to usurp the chances for females to become a star or advance their career.

“Members of the TopCats are hired based on their qualifications and abilities. Our organization is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate because of age, race, religion, color, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or national origin. We wish all the TopCats, including Justine Lindsay, an incredible season,” the team’s statement read.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, Lindsay boasted about being a transgender cheerleader and compared himself to a trailblazer like Jackie Robinson, Sally Ride, or Amelia Earhart.

“I want to change the narrative for my trans sisters and brothers, just to [let them] know that if you have a goal, go for it,” Lindsay told Elle. “Turn that dream into a reality. Be an NFL cheerleader, or a doctor or a nurse or whatever you set your mind to.”

“Everything that I’m going through now, it’s bigger than me,” Lindsay added.


“I’m setting things up for the younger generation,” Lindsay stated. “No one is going to stop this show.”

Lindsay also decried the fact that the North Carolina legislature overrode a veto by Democrat Governor Roy Cooper of legislation banning biological males from competing in women’s sports.

“I will fight this until I can’t fight anymore,” Lindsay declared. “It saddens me to see it.”

Fans are rolling their eyes about the idea of a biological male in hot pants pretending to be a female NFL cheerleader.

And this has to be the woke NFL’s jump-the-shark moment.