Trey Gowdy sides with Jack Smith in criminal case against Trump

Photo by Allen Allen on Flickr

Democrats decided weaponizing the justice system was their best strategy for victory in 2024.

It looks like Donald Trump can’t count on a united Republican Party.

And Trey Gowdy broke Trump supporters’ hearts with this massive betrayal.

Trey Gowdy became the latest Fox News host to make the case against Donald Trump.

During a segment of his Sunday night Fox News show Gowdy accepted the premise of Jack Smith’s indictment of Donald Trump which criminalized political speech and activism as well as taking legal advice.

Smith claims it is now a criminal conspiracy to question an election Democrats win if a prosecutor thinks you are wrong.

Former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman made that argument telling Gowdy that Smith essentially criminalized the political process.

Gowdy then accepted as fact the narrative Jack Smith laid out in his indictment and asked former Manhattan prosecutor Elliot Felig for his thoughts.

“All right, Elliot, Brett raises a good point. I mean, bad facts make for a tough law. I mean, that’s an old adage from our days in law school. And these are, I don’t say they’re bad facts, certainly interesting facts. You have fake electors, you have a pressure campaign on the vice president. You have calls to state election officials and you have January 6th — what happened at the Capitol. Elliot, is it possible that something can be an awful, awful day for the country but still not meets the elements, as Brett noted, of a criminal statute?” Gowdy wondered.

Smith’s problem was that there is no statute on the books making anything Donald Trump did illegal.

Smith picked up the elements of the impeachment hoax the Democrats used against Donald Trump after January 6 and fashioned it into a criminal indictment by stretching the laws beyond the point of any reasonable interpretation.

Gowdy teed up Felig with a softball question and the former Manhattan prosecutor was too happy to take a big swing and push Smith’s talking points.

“Where they crossed the line was when they had these fake electors gather in state capitols after the secretaries of state and the governors had signed certifications that Biden had won the state,” Felig stated.

“If I can make an analogy, Trey, I can come on your show and say I’m the real Trey Gowdy. I can run around the streets of New York or South Carolina and say I’m the real Trey Gowdy. But if I go home and I print out a fake driver’s license or a fake birth certificate, and I walk into your bank and I say, I’m Trey Gowdy and I’m here to take out all my money, then I’ve crossed the line into fraud, into forgery, into maybe an attempted grand larceny. I don’t think there was a good faith basis for electors to sign fake certificates or false certificates saying that they were duly elected and duly certified. And I don’t think there’s a good faith basis for saying to Mike Pence, you should take those certificates rather than the real ones,” Felig added.

Democrats failed to convict Donald Trump in the January 6 impeachment trial.

A conviction would have allowed Democrats to then ban Trump from ever holding office again.

Since that effort to keep Trump out of the White House failed, Democrats simply took the political process of impeachment and turned it into a criminal case.

Gowdy should have been educating viewers on how Smith sought to criminalize political actions as part of a long-standing crusade to weaponize the government against Trump out of fear Democrats can’t beat Trump at the ballot box.