Trump admits he thinks Jeffrey Epstein killed himself

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump finally weighed in on the mystery of Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

Once again, Trump took everyone by surprise.

And Donald Trump had one strange confession about Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

Donald Trump skipped the first GOP debate to sit for an interview with Tucker Carlson that appeared on X, the app formerly known as Twitter.

In the wide-ranging interview Carlson asked Trump about the claim Epstein killed himself in his Manhattan jail cell back in August 2019.

“Do you think it’s possible that Epstein was killed?” Carlson wondered.

Trump said it was possible that Epstein – who the authorities claim committed suicide despite prison officials admitting he never admitted any suicidal thoughts – was murdered, but that Trump believed the official story that Epstein killed himself.

“Oh sure it’s possible. I mean, I don’t really believe it. I think he probably committed suicide. He had a life with, you know, beautiful homes, and beautiful everything and he all of a sudden he’s incarcerated and not doing very well,” Trump responded. “I would say that he did, but there are those people — there are many people believe, I think you’re one of them right, a lot of people think that he was killed. He knew a lot on a lot of people.”

Carlson disagreed and said he believed it was obvious someone killed Epstein to make sure the disgraced pedophile took his secrets to the grave.

Carlson said he also didn’t believe Attorney General Bill Barr told the truth to the public about Epstein’s death.

“He was killed, I think,” Carlson stated. “Look, I’m not a conspiracy person at all. I believe everything I hear. But yeah, the closer you look into it, I mean the attorney general of the United States — your attorney general clearly lied about the Epstein death, like why?”

Trump admitted the security failures – such as guards not following standard protocol and the security cameras on Epstein’s cell block going down – looked suspicious and that he was open to the idea someone murdered Epstein.

“Certainly, it wasn’t well done,” Trump responded. “They had no cameras, they had no anything. Everybody was sleeping — a case could be made, look, I’m not gonna get involved in it but I can tell you a case could be made either way. But, it certainly wasn’t the most well-run place.”

On the subject of then-Attorney General Barr, Trump explained that the fear of Democrats weighed on his mind and that “Barr became so petrified, so frightened of being impeached, they were gonna impeach him, I don’t know if you remember. That’s not a big moment in history. But they said, ‘we’re going to impeach,’ they play a much rougher game the left — the lunatics and they were gonna impeach Bill Barr and he was petrified,” Trump told Carlson.

Americans never getting a straight answer about the death of Epstein as well as the fact that the government kept his client list under wraps is one reason – among many – that there is declining trust in institutions across the population.