Trump Lawyers Ask A Judge to Hold Jack Smith in Contempt of Court

Photo by Salud Carbajal, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Jack Smith’s done it this time.

Joe Biden’s handpicked prosecutor pushed too far.

And Donald Trump made one demand of a judge that blew up Jack Smith’s master plan.

Donald Trump’s lawyers called out fanatical Joe Biden prosecutor Jack Smith for his repeated attempts to subvert a court order pausing the trial for Trump contesting the outcome of the 2020 election.

Smith knew he was in trouble.

Joe Biden expects Smith to try and convict Trump before Election Day.

But Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan – who collaborated with Smith on trying to speed up the rigged trial announcing a March 4 start date – had to hit the pause button after Donald Trump appealed to dismiss the charges against him on the basis of presidential immunity.

Any delay in the proceeding threatens to push the case past the election and Smith understands the job he was tasked with.

However, in an effort to end-run the stay, Smith went over the line.

Trump’s lawyers filed a motion with Judge Chutkan that Smith continues to dump thousands of pages of documents on them and file motions in violation of the stay which grants Trump relief from all aspects of the proceeding.

“The Stay Order is clear, straightforward, and unambiguous. All substantive proceedings in this Court are halted. Despite this clarity, the prosecutors began violating the Stay almost immediately. First, within five days of the Court entering the Stay Order, the prosecutors served thousands of pages of additional discovery, together with a purported draft exhibit list. Doc. 188. Through counsel, President Trump advised that he rejected the prosecutors’ unlawful productions, that their actions violated the Stay Order, and that he would seek relief if their malicious conduct continued,” Trump’s lawyers wrote.

Trump’s lawyers requested Chutkan sanction Smith for being in contempt of court, which could mean fines or even prison.

“To remedy this outrageous conduct, the Court should issue an order to show cause why the prosecutors should not be: (1) held in contempt; (2) required to immediately withdraw their MIL and improper productions; (3) forbidden from submitting any further filing or production absent the Court’s express permission while the Stay Order is in effect; and (4) assessed monetary sanctions in the amount of President Trump’s reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred in responding to the prosecutors’ improper productions and filings, including in litigating this Motion (collectively, the ‘Requested Sanctions’),” the filing continued.

Smith keeps tipping his cards that this case is politically motivated by taking every shortcut in the book to try and maintain the March 4 trial date.

“The prosecutors have cast these hallowed mandates aside to score cheap political points against President Trump on behalf of the Biden Campaign. In so doing, the prosecutors have repeatedly and willfully disregarded the Court’s explicit instructions. Such malignant conduct undermines the integrity of this proceeding and warrants severe sanction,” the motion added.

Smith wants to have all his ducks lined up so if the appeal fails he can immediately demand Chutkan reinstate the original deadlines to file motions claiming Trump’s team had ample time to prepare.

But Trump’s lawyers noted the stay order means they don’t have to look at a single document or motion Smith turned over.

Chutkan stands credibly accused of anti-Trump bias due to her clearly expressed hatred of Donald Trump in her previous rulings and comments.

But will Chutkan take this opportunity to show she is an actual impartial justice as opposed to an apparatchik boosting Joe Biden’s re-election campaign?