Trump’s polls and fundraising surged after releasing his mugshot

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Donald Trump looks like he is going to get the last laugh with Joe Biden.

This is not how Joe Biden envisioned the 2024 campaign playing out.

And Donald Trump just hit Joe Biden with this heart-stopping truth.

Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis forcing Donald Trump to take a mug shot following his arrest on baseless charges for contesting the 2020 election was supposed to be the final pile of dirt on Donald Trump’s political grave.

Instead, it turned into the rocket fuel that powered Trump to record fundraising totals and a polling lead over Joe Biden.

In a video posted to Truth Social, Trump railed against Biden and the Democrats for trying to interfere in the 2024 election by weaponizing the justice system against him.

Trump crowed that Biden’s scheme to rely on partisan Democrat prosecutors to end his campaign through criminal indictments backfired.

“Is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t know what I look like? I wish there were some people like that. It’d be very nice for me. And yet, for some reason, the communist Democrats in Atlanta made a mugshot of me. That’s a mugshot because I said the election was rigged, and I believe it more strongly than ever was a rigged election. We all know why and we know what they’re doing and we certainly get it. But I know I’m your favorite president and they make me look like a criminal, but it completely and totally backfired,” Trump began.

Trump mocked Biden for orchestrating a failed scheme to meddle in the election as evidenced by the fact that Trump releasing his mug shot in a return to X – the app formerly known as Twitter – led to a $10 million fundraising haul as the conservative base rallied around Trump in the face of what they saw as third-world tactics by the Biden administration.

“As you probably read, since my mugshot was released, our campaign has raised over $10 million. The people get it. The people know this is a sham and a scam. This is nothing but election interference. They want to interfere with our election so they can try and damage me with all these bull***t lawsuits that you see flying all over the place. But it’s election interference. It’s orchestrated by Crooked Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of our country, along with the Deep State. And on November 5th, 2024, it’s going to backfire again when we win back the White House and make America great again,” Trump added.

Despite the media’s gaslighting about Biden not being involved in the charges, The New York Times reported last April that Joe Biden told close associates that he was furious Attorney General Merrick Garland was not moving quicker to indict Trump, who Biden also told people deserved to face criminal charges.

It was no coincidence that just weeks later the FBI executed a search warrant on Mar-a-Lago and then raided Trump’s property two months later.

Finally, Trump thanked his supporters and held up a t-shirt with his mug shot printed on it, boasted about the fact that his campaign sold 36,000 of them and urged supporters to buy one if they hadn’t already.

“I just want to thank you for your tremendous support. And here it is. If you want to go out and get it, you can go out and get it. Have fun with it. But people do like it, I must say. Thank you very much,” Trump concluded.

But what really scared Democrats were the results of a Wall Street Journal poll taken after Trump released the mug shot showing Trump leading Biden.

The mug shot was supposed to be the death knell of Trump’s political campaign.

Instead it served as a rallying cry that only boosted his support.