Tucker Carlson interview with former Capitol Hill Police Chief upends narrative about January 6

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Nancy Pelosi is in big trouble.

The secret is finally out.

And Tucker Carlson just heard the one piece of testimony that Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want you to hear.

Former Capitol Hill Police Chief Steven Sund gave his account of what happened during the Capitol Hill riot in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson.

Sund had previously sat down with Carlson while he was still at Fox News, however the interview was never aired.

Sund explained that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had privately expressed concern of possible violence breaking out during the “Stop the Steal” rally, but that those concerns were never communicated to Sund.

“Think about it. I am the chief of police at the United States Capitol, probably one of the most prominent and should be the most secure building in the United States and the world. You know, you’d like to think of that,” Sund told Carlson. “But when you look at it, and don’t take my word for it, look at, there’s now at least four congressional reports talking about the intelligence failure, IG reports, GAO reports talking about various intelligence failures. But coming into it, you know, think about it. FBI, the Washington Field Office didn’t put out a single document, a single official document specific to January 6.”

“DHS didn’t put out a single official document specific to January 6,” Sund continued.

“That’s very unusual. I’ve been through many other events in Washington, D.C. — FBI would host a joint conference call at the least and maybe an executive JTTF, Joint Terrorism Task Force briefing or, and for all these big events, DHS and FBI would get together and put out something that was called JIB — Joint Intelligence Bulletin. Zero for January 6.”

Sund said on January 5th, the day before the rally, he had a phone meeting with several law enforcement officials and none of them said anything about the warning they had received.

“It doesn’t seem like people really want to get to the bottom of it,” Sund said. “It really doesn’t. And it just gets worse. It gets worse from there.”

Sund went onto say that then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi would not authorize Sund to bring in the National Guard to arrive at the Capitol.

Sund says he only got approval to bring in the National Guard at 2:10 p.m. and had to beg numerous generals to get it.

This sounds like a set up to me,” Carlson told Sund. “I’m sorry, it does.”

“It gets better,” Sund replied.

“So I beg and beg and he goes, ‘well, I’m gonna walk down the hall and we’ll talk to the Secretary of Defense or whoever he’s gonna talk to.’ Right then I get a notification, oh, I’m still on the call, we have the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. And I said we have shots firing, I still remember yelling over the phone. We have shots firing on the U.S. Capitol, is that urgent enough for you now?”