Tucker Carlson interviews man who claims he had an affair with Barack Obama

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr.com

Tucker Carlson’s new show is making headlines.

But it’s also leading to big questions.

And what Tucker Carlson reported about Barack Obama’s sex life raised eyebrows across America.

Barack Obama exploded onto the political scene in 2008.

The media did little digging into Obama’s past or life story.

And Tucker Carlson revealed an Obama sex scandal, and no one saw what happened next coming.

When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008 the media got so swept up in the idea of electing the first black president that journalists let even their already liberal bias run out of control.

The media accepted the carefully sanitized and curated account of Obama’s formative years that he presented in his 1995 autobiography “Dreams From My Father” as fact, no questions asked.

But in reality, Obama was the least vetted presidential candidate ever.

That became clear when historian David Garrow published his biography of Obama titled “Rising Star.”

Garrow discovered that Obama confessed in love letters to Alex McNear, his college girlfriend, that he harbored homosexual fantasies of making love to other men.

“In regard to homosexuality, I must say that I believe this is an attempt to remove oneself from the present, a refusal perhaps to perpetuate the endless farce of earthly life,” Obama allegedly reportedly wrote to McNear. “You see, I make love to men daily, but in the imagination.”

This startling confession led Tucker Carlson to interview Larry Sinclair.

Sinclair is a clearly troubled man who claimed back in 2008 that he smoked crack and snorted cocaine with Obama while also allegedly engaging in homosexual lovemaking.

Carlson’s interview with Sinclair – who repeated his claims – streamed on Carlson’s show on X – the app formerly known as Twitter.

In 2008, everyone dismissed Sinclair as a fabulist given his history of drug use and criminal convictions for fraud.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy echoed that skepticism saying he met Sinclair when he traveled to meet with Carlson for an interview and found Sinclair and his account simply unbelievable.

“I met Larry Sinclair when I was doing my Tucker thing a couple weeks ago. I would trust Anna Delvey before I trusted anything Larry Sinclair said,” Portnoy posted on X.

“Top to bottom maybe the least trustworthy human I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’d say his story has O.0% of being true and that’s generous,” Portnoy added.

Portnoy is no Carlson hater.

Portnoy appeared on Carlson’s Fox News show numerous times and their most recent interview showed the two maintain a good relationship and may even be friends.

Obama is reportedly on record as confessing to homosexual fantasies.

But the Sinclair story is not one that even Carlson allies like Portnoy take seriously.