Tucker Carlson Raises New Questions About Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

The official story of Jeffrey Epstein committing suicide continues to take on water.

But the corporate media won’t touch the story.

And Tucker Carlson raises new questions about Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

As Great American Daily reports:

Tucker Carlson is one of the only figures in mainstream media still pursuing the story of Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death in a Manhattan jail cell back in the summer of 2019.

Bill Clinton is one of the biggest names tied to Epstein and Clinton’s provided false or misleading answers as to when he met Epstein, where he met Epstein, and how many times he flew on Epstein’s private plane.

One of Clinton’s former aides, Doug Band, even claimed Clinton traveled to Epstein’s private island.

When Epstein turned up dead under a cloud of suspicion following security failures at the prison housing Epstein it led to Americans disappointed at the fact that they would never know the truth about whose crimes Epstein facilitated and the actual relationship between Epstein, Clinton, and British royal family member Prince Andrew.

Few accepted the initial story of a suicide.

One of those doubters — Carlson reported — was then-Attorney General William Barr.

But Carlson said Barr quickly turned into the biggest cheerleader of the dubious theory that Epstein killed himself.

“[Barr’s] first reaction, as he recounts in his memoir, was to worry that some people in America might not buy the idea that Jeffrey Epstein had killed himself,” Carlson began. “Quote, ‘No one’s gonna believe it was a suicide,’ Barr fretted to his chief of staff. ‘There will be conspiracy theories all over the place.’ Now, that’s a pretty odd response if you think about it.”

Carlson expressed amazement that no one in the press questioned Barr’s assertion that Epstein committed suicide even though members of the corporate media regularly attacked Barr for supposedly acting as Trump’s lawyer.

Barr — Carlson told viewers — falsely claimed the autopsy report concluded Epstein committed suicide.

Carlson noted that the medical examiner who performed the autopsy initially ruled the cause of death as “pending” which means it could not be determined.

“What’s amazing in retrospect is that none of these reporters… ever thought to revisit Bill Barr’s assessment of Epstein’s death and measure it against the basic tenets of common sense. If you did that, you saw what Bill Barr said about Jeffrey Epstein was transparently absurd and very obviously dishonest,” Carlson added. “Barr began by claiming that the medical examiner that conducted Epstein’s autopsy ruled his death a suicide, but that’s not true. The initial cause of death following the autopsy was not suicide but pending, which is to say unclear.”

Carlson also informed his audience that Epstein’s brother hired forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden to observe the autopsy.

And Dr. Baden said Epstein’s injuries were consistent with murder.

“I think that the evidence points to homicide rather than suicide,” Dr. Baden told “Fox and Friends.”

Carlson said the questions about Epstein’s death were basic and in no way any type of conspiracy theory.

“These are very basic questions. These are not conspiracy theories. They’re obvious questions, they’re the essential questions in fact, in any legitimate investigation, but apparently, nobody has even tried to answer them,” Carlson concluded. “We dutifully called the Department of Justice to ask them to explain some of this. They refused on the grounds that there’s ‘an active investigation in progress.’ But that is a lie. There’s no investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death.”

Tucker Carlson and others will keep asking questions about the mysteries and unanswered questions about Epstein’s death.

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