Whistleblower reveals Fox News goes woke behind the scenes

Photo by Gage Skidmore Flickr.com

Fox News is in turmoil.

But this is a crisis of their own making.

And when Tucker Carlson left Fox News, no one could’ve believed that this would happen next.

Fox News likes to portray itself as the one media outlet against the woke agenda which will act as a bulwark against the rest of the press’s pro-Democrat bias.

But the reality is Fox News puts on a false front.

The management at Fox News is just as woke and dismissive of conservative values as the brass at MSNBC.

And after firing Tucker Carlson, Fox News is being more open about this fact.

That’s according to multiple whistleblowers who came forward reporting to The Blaze’s director of programming at Blaze Media, Rikki Ratliff-Fellman, that Fox News funds left-wing groups like the Satanic Temple, Planned Parenthood and the Trevor Project through a donation portal on their corporate website where the network will match employee contributions of up to $1,000 to approved groups.

Whistleblowers walked Ratliff-Fellman through the donation process – including screenshots – to show that Fox News subsidizes radical left-wing groups that despise and oppose the values the audience Fox News courts hold dear.

The Trevor Project promotes recruiting children into transgenderism, the Satanic Temple is anti-Christian and promotes radical abortion ideology, while Planned Parenthood is the number-one abortion mill in America.

One of the whistleblowers said that after Fox News fired Carlson management ordered staff to layoff Dylan Mulvaney, the biological male pretending to be a girl whose sponsorship deal with Bud Light kicked off a boycott that was the first organized pushback against woke corporations.

“It became clear certain things weren’t going to be tolerated on air any more after Tucker was gone. We were told: Lay off Dylan Mulvaney,” the whistleblower told The Blaze. “Once I realized we couldn’t say certain things on air anymore, I started to dig more into the reality of the corporate views.”

Multiple whistleblowers confirmed that the upper echelons of Fox News secretly hate their audience and will take any opportunity to signal to their colleagues in the media that they are really on the side of the woke.

“It shows complete disregard and hatred for Fox’s core audience, which is a huge part of the country. They watch believing Fox is speaking for them, when in reality it’s a company participating in certain things that don’t match their audience’s values. [The disdain] is driven more by executives, lawyers, and HR than people realize, especially post-Dominion,” the whistleblower added.

“Goes to show there’s definitely a mismatch in values,” a second whistleblower added. “Our business model has turned into ‘just tell the audience what they want to hear.’ It’s about appeasing and assuaging the audience even though most people in the C-Suite disagree with their audience’s values. It’s manipulative.”