Wisconsin Republicans inch closer to impeaching liberal Supreme Court Justice

Photo by Craig Fildes via (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED) on Flickr

What’s going on with the courts is one of the biggest stories of 2024.

The biggest shake up yet may be on the way.

And you won’t believe which Supreme Court Justice is about to get impeached.

Last April, Democrat Janet Protasiewicz won the most expensive Supreme Court election in Wisconsin history.

All told, candidates and campaigns poured 51 million dollars into the race that would decide which party controlled the Supreme Court heading into the 2024 presidential election.

Protasiewicz outspent her Republican opponent Dan Kelly, $12 million to $2 million, as liberals dumped money into the campaign because Protasiewicz promised to throw out the legislative map the GOP majority drew in accordance with the 2020 census.

“I would anticipate that I would enjoy taking a fresh look at the gerrymandering question,” Protasiewicz stated.

Protasiewicz declared the map was “rigged” mainly because it wasn’t drawn by Democrats to guarantee Democrats win over Wisconsin.

“I think anybody with any sense knows our maps are rigged,” Protasiewicz declared at a candidate forum. “We have amongst the most gerrymandered maps in the entire country. I have told people, ‘I don’t think you can sell, to any rational person, that our maps are fair.’”

As soon as Protasiewicz took the bench the Wisconsin Democratic Party sued to have the map thrown out so the liberal majority on the Court could impose a map that would allow Democrats to win power.

Republicans correctly argued Protasiewicz should recuse herself as her campaign statements showed her bias and that she already made up her mind to decide in the Democrats’ favor.

But in an opinion that insulted everyone’s intelligence, Protasiewicz refused to recuse herself claiming that her “conscience” told her she could head the case.

The conservative justices strongly disagreed.

Chief Justice Annette Ziegler wrote a dissent arguing that there “appears to be evidence of a partisan and political, rather than a reasoned and restrained, approach, and thus departs from the constitutional role of the judiciary.”

Justice Rebecca Bradley wrote that the “probability of actual bias on Protasiewicz’s part likely approaches 100 percent.”

Supreme Court precedent is also on the Republican side as past case law delivered a precedent in the 2009 case Caperton v. A.T. Massey Coal Co. that a state Supreme Court justice must recuse themselves when one of the litigants donated to their campaign.

In this case, the Wisconsin state Democrat Party brought the lawsuit and spent $10 million to elect Protasiewicz.

Republicans in Wisconsin are now talking about impeaching Protasiewicz.

If the State House impeaches her on a simple majority vote then Protasiewicz can’t hear any cases until her trial is over.

The Senate requires a two-thirds vote to convict and Republicans hold a 2/3 majority in the State Senate.

The results of this case will determine the state legislative and congressional district maps for the next ten years.

Democrats schemed to install a partisan activist on the Supreme Court to redraw the maps to hand the left a majority it can’t win at the ballot box.

But Republicans in the state legislature can stop this power play by impeaching Protasiewicz.