Bank records show direct payment from Hunter Biden’s business to Joe Biden

Photo by The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The media demanded Republicans produce proof of high crimes and misdemeanors in their impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

Republicans struck gold.

and Joe Biden will be sweating bullets over what James Comer found in these bank records.

Joe Biden’s story about his connections to Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals keeps changing as Republicans obliterate the lies Biden tells.

Biden claimed he never talked business with Hunter Biden.

That wasn’t true.

Biden then claimed he never had any involvement in his son’s business dealings.

Business associate Devon Archer testified that Hunter Biden put Joe Biden on speakerphone during 20 business meetings.

While vice president, Biden also attended dinners with foreign oligarchs paying his son’s companies millions of dollars.

Finally, Biden claimed he never received any money from Hunter Biden-controlled businesses.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer revealed that one of Hunter Biden’s LLCs – Owasco PC – paid Joe Biden monthly installments of $1,380 from the company’s bank accounts.

Owasco PC received payments from businesses in Communist China and Republicans want to investigate if that money ended up in Joe Biden’s bank account.

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley went on Fox News and explained that the significance of this bombshell couldn’t be overstated.

Turley said Republicans were more than justified in opening an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

“When I testified in the first Biden impeachment hearing, I said that there was ample evidence to justify an impeachment inquiry and that a formal vote should be held. I can’t imagine how anyone would look at this evidence and not believe that a formal inquiry should begin,” Turley stated.

Turley told viewers that every denial Joe Biden offered up was a lie and that there was a mountain of evidence – both in bank records and photographs – of Joe Biden cozying up to foreign oligarchs which was a level of corruption Turley had never seen before.

“There’s been a litany of lies that have come out of the Biden family and the White House. The president denied knowing about any of these business arrangements. Even Hunter said that wasn’t true. We now know he called in numerous times to talk with clients. He had meetings, photographs with these clients. And now we see joint accounts where money is moving to Joe Biden,” Turley continued.

“We even have Joe Biden’s house being listed for some of these payments by Hunter Biden. It’s rather daunting to imagine what you need, according to the Democrats. So I think the moment of truth has arrived. Democrats have either got to show that they stand against corruption and approve an inquiry or they have to take ownership of this. Because influence peddling is the favorite form of corruption in Washington. But none of us have seen the likes of this,” Turley added.

An impeachment inquiry could answer one vital question.

To this day, no one can explain what services Hunter Biden offered these foreign businesses or what these wealthy individuals in countries hostile to the United States expected in return for paying the son of the vice president millions of dollars.

The only answers are bad.