Hunter Biden admission about Joe Biden deepens corruption scandal

Photo by Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This was the moment Jim Jordan was waiting for.

It’s going to be a flood of bad news for the Democrats.

And Jim Jordan caught Hunter Biden in a big mistake that will change everything.

Hunter Biden thought he pulled a PR masterstroke by holding a press conference announcing he intended to defy a congressional subpoena to appear for a closed-door deposition and instead would only agree to testify in an open hearing.

Biden wanted to present himself as the innocent victim of a GOP witch hunt into his father and that he had nothing to hide.

But the plan backfired.

And that’s because in the course of Hunter Biden’s rant he let it slip that “my father was not financially involved in the business.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan explained to reporters this was a significant shift after Joe Biden spent years saying that at first he never discussed business with his son and then that he had no involvement, period.

“One hour ago I think the biggest takeaway was the statement from Mr. Biden where he said ‘my father was not financially involved in the business.’ That is a huge change, which means, sort of means he is involved. I think that’s how anyone with common-sense would read it. He has been involved just not financially,” Jordan declared. “That is a huge departure for everything they have said now for the last 3 1/2 years.”

Jordan ripped the Biden administration for this ongoing cover-up tying Hunter Biden’s admission to how the Justice Department interfered in the Hunter Biden investigation to protect Joe Biden.

The House Judiciary Committee chairman pointed out that just like the story changing on Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s business deals the Department of Justice switched gears on how it treated Hunter Biden.

Originally, the Biden Justice Department tried to get away with cutting a sweetheart plea deal where Hunter Biden would get lifetime immunity from prosecution and serve no jail time in exchange for pleading guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges.

But after a judge threw out that deal and IRS whistleblowers testified about the Justice Department’s political meddling in the Hunter Biden investigation, special counsel David Weiss indicted Hunter Biden on nine counts of failure to pay income tax including three felonies.

“The White House’s story has changed multiple times, the Justice Department story has changed multiple times how they handled this investigation. But the story that hasn’t changed, the testimony that has been consistent and stood up to cross examination is the two whistleblowers. Their story has not changed and frankly it’s been buttressed and reinforced by – we’ve done eight different depositions of people involved in the investigation at the Justice Department…None of them have refuted what those guys say. So over time it just keeps changing from the White House. This statement today I think is the biggest news of the morning I guess along with the fact he didn’t show up which he’s supposed to do,” Jordan concluded.

Republicans are probing Joe Biden’s role in an alleged influence peddling scheme where foreign oligarchs pumped $24 million into entities controlled by the Biden family.

Hunter Biden saying Joe Biden wasn’t financially involved concedes that Joe Biden played some role in these business ventures.

Devon Archer testified that Hunter Biden was “selling the brand” – meaning access to Joe Biden.

And if Joe Biden knew his role in the scheme was to make himself available to Hunter Biden’s foreign business partners that provides Republicans the basis for articles of impeachment.