Joe Biden to Be the Only Democrat on the North Carolina Primary Ballot

Photo by The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden and his team are afraid of what the voters will say.

Liberals are running scared.

And Democrats got everyone, but Joe Biden kicked off the ballot in this state.

North Carolina’s state board of elections unanimously voted in December not to include any Democrat presidential challengers on their primary election ballot this after North Carolina’s Democrat Party submitted Joe Biden as the only option.

In contrast, North Carolina’s 2020 Democrat presidential primary ballot had over a dozen candidates listed.

“We are disappointed that the North Carolina Board of Elections abdicated their authority to protect North Carolina voters from the North Carolina Democratic State Party’s attempt to circumvent democracy,” candidate Marianne Williamson wrote on X.

Democrat Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota expressed similar dissatisfaction with the decision and blasted Democrats for being hypocrites with their claims of democracy.

Biden will be the only candidate on the ballot in Florida and Tennessee as well.

In late November, Democrat candidate Rep. Dean Phillips blasted Florida’s decision to not hold a presidential primary for Democrats this election cycle.

“Americans would expect the absence of democracy in Tehran, not Tallahassee,” said Phillips.

“The intentional disenfranchisement of voters runs counter to everything for which our Democratic Party and country stand. Our mission as Democrats is to defeat authoritarians, not become them.”

Jeff Weaver, a senior adviser to Rep. Phillips, further slammed the Florida Democrat Party in a statement.

“The Florida party is engaging in the politburo politics of places like Cuba or the old Soviet Union. Communist Party insiders make the decision instead of the people,” said Weaver.

“After all that has been done to erode confidence in the democratic process since 2020, does our party really want the legitimacy of our nominee to be put in question by this corrupt, rigged process?”

The efforts to have Biden as the only name on the primary ballot could come at a severe cost – and even more so considering Biden has made “democracy” such a key part of his reelection campaign messaging.

“I’ve made the preservation of American democracy the central issue of my presidency. I believe in free and fair elections, and the right to vote fairly and have your vote counted,” Biden said in a recent television ad released by his campaign.