Unredacted Court Records Show Bill Clinton’s Name Appearing in Epstein Files

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bill Clinton’s been linked to Jeffrey Epstein for years.

It’s the scandal that won’t go away.

And Bill Clinton’s name showed up in this Jeffrey Epstein file

U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska ordered the release of confidential records naming more than 150 Jane and John Does from Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell for enabling Epstein’s sex trafficking.

One of the major bombshells in the case revolved around the fact that Giuffre named former President Clinton 50 times.

The media tried to make sure it was front and center that Giuffre never accused Clinton of a crime.

“Giuffre made no allegations of wrongdoing by Clinton, and there is no indication the sealed records contain evidence of illegal conduct by Clinton. But Giuffre’s claim that she met the ex-president on Epstein’s private Caribbean island emerged as a contentious issue in the litigation, which was settled in 2017. Maxwell contended Clinton had never been to Little St. James — as Epstein’s island was known — and assailed Giuffre’s claim as a fabrication that shattered her credibility,” ABC reported.

But critics know the real story was why Giuffre named Clinton 50 times.

Clinton’s name came up repeatedly because Giuffre sought to depose Clinton claiming Clinton traveled to Epstein’s private island where the sex trafficking took place.

And Giuffre clearly believed Clinton saw something that would benefit her case against Maxwell.

“Former President Clinton, who ABC News has learned is identified as ‘Doe 36,’ is mentioned in more than fifty of the redacted filings, according to court records. Several of those sealed or redacted entries are focused on an effort by Giuffre’s lawyers in mid-2016, first reported by ABC News, to subpoena the two-term Democratic president for deposition testimony about his relationship with Epstein,” the ABC report continued.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn said anyone named on the Epstein list should be nervous because even if they didn’t engage in criminal activity, they turned a blind eye to behavior they should have clearly known was wrong.

“There are going to be people there on this list that are accused of wrongdoing, there are going to be those on the list who are accusing Epstein and Maxwell of wrongdoing, and there will be people that were witnesses to some of this activity but did not report that activity,” Blackburn told Hannity.

“So I’m certain that Bill Clinton and other people are very nervous. They don’t want to be on this list, there are people that are going to be ashamed if they are, and he is probably one of them,” Blackburn added.

Giuffre is now the second individual to say Bill Clinton traveled to Epstein’s private island.

Clinton’s former top aide Doug Band also told Vanity Fair that Clinton traveled to Epstein’s island.

Clinton denies this was the case.

But what isn’t in dispute is the fact that Clinton traveled with Epstein aboard his jet.

And the release of these court documents will increase the scrutiny about what Clinton saw when he was in Epstein and Maxwell’s presence.