January 6 Committee is in big trouble for not preserving all records

Photo by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Adam Schiff positions himself as Donald Trump’s chief antagonist.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

And Adam Schiff has a lot of explaining to do after this bombshell discovery.

Schiff played a central role in the January 6 Select Committee which Nancy Pelosi used to hurt Republicans in the 2022 election.

The committee put on Hollywood-produced public hearings where Democrats put on a one-sided presentation about how Donald Trump and his supporters supposedly nearly ended democracy that day.

That fairy tale formed the backbone of the Democrat Party’s campaign message in 2022 and the left hoped to trot it out again in 2024.

But now the actions of Schiff and his fellow January 6 committee members are under intense scrutiny.

While the committee did stage a series of public hearings, much of its work was done behind closed doors with transcribed depositions.

The House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight Chairman, Republican Congressman Barry Loudermilk, told the hosts of “Just the News, No Noise” that the committee didn’t preserve any of the video tapes of the witnesses testifying.

“We found out about this early in the investigation when I received a call from someone who was looking for some information off one of the videotapes, and we started searching, and we had none,” Loudermilk began. “I wrote a letter to Bennie Thompson asking for them. And he confirmed that they did not preserve those [tapes]. He didn’t feel that they had to.”

Loudermilk explained this was a big deal as House rules require any committee to preserve all data and documents.

“But according to House rules, you have to preserve any data and information and documents that are used in an official proceeding, which they did. They [J6 Democrats] actually aired portions of these tapes on their televised hearings, which means they had to keep those. But yet he chose not to, I believe they exist somewhere. We’ve just got to find where all these videos are,” Loudermilk continued.

Loudermilk added that as part of his investigation into the conduct of the committee he received incomplete documents.

The Georgia Republican scoffed at the idea that the January 6 committee’s records were their own personal property saying these documents “belong to the House. They should have never been sent. And second of all, do not send them back to me this heavily redacted. Those are our documents.”

Loudermilk called into question the entire basis of the committee’s investigation, arguing it ran afoul of House rules by operating under its own standard.

“But my question is, why was it okay for a Democrat-run House of Representatives to have unredacted documents but not when there’s a Republican committee that’s looking into this. What is it that the committee and or the White House is trying to hide?” Loudermilk wondered.

The January 6 committee was a runaway train that Nancy Pelosi set in motion to get Donald Trump.

And it fits with a pattern where Trump’s opponents believe the ends justify the means so there is no rule they can’t bend or break in their pursuit of Donald Trump.